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Style. Freedom. 


Sunglasses are essential. Not only do they protect your eyes from the sun's harmful gaze, they are the key accessory in expressing your individuality and style to the world. They can define your face, portray your mood and when right, can become a key part of your identity. As such, they are one of the most important items a person can own. Simply put: sunglasses deserve to be unique, un-compromised and completely yours.




Artisan Craftsmanship.

SOLBOU was founded in Summer 2015 in direct opposition to the high-volume sunglasses industry, whereby big global manufacturers mass-produce frames for nearly all of the major fashion brands; - often selling at extraordinarily unjustified high mark-ups, whilst using increasingly lower-quality materials. 

We believe in doing things differently at SOLBOU and are dedicated to only showcasing designers who are committed to utilising the finest materials and manufacturing techniques to produce their frames. We believe in artisans using traditional methods of production to create beautiful eyewear out of the highest-quality metals, acetates and lenses - it's how premium sunglasses should be.